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The Human Machine.

Machines come in all shapes & sizes, can do many things & fulfil many purposes. They are capable of travelling very fast, lifting heavy loads & even flying. They can work with other machines towards a common purpose as well as a whole host of other hugely varied & interesting purposes from making cups of coffee to flying to the moon.

Machines also can last a very long time if cared for or can break down if not given the love & attention they need to carry on functioning efficiently & effectively. Generally speaking, the more time & resources you invest in a machine the more of a return you will get for your investment.

In many ways our bodies are incredibly similar to the machine. But in many ways, we are so much more.We have an incredible amount of potential in the abilities of our minds & bodies to be able to perform a never ending series of amazing tasks, an example being using our mind to build our rocket so that our legs can walk on the moon!

If we liken our bodies to a car it can go a little like this: One of the most essential components of a car is the engine. In the case of our bodies our engine is our heart & our lungs. The great thing is that we have an amazing ability to be able to upgrade our engines by physically training it to run faster. Unlike the car though we can make our heart & lungs literally bigger for free whereas you’re looking at some serious dough to upgrade your car engine!

A car needs the right fuel in it otherwise you’ll get out smoke! If you try & put some red diesel that you bought off some dodgy Farmer to put in your nice unleaded tank then you’re gonna run into some problems either straight away or a little further down the road. Whereas if you so for the super duper formula 1+++ fuel your machine is going to hum & do what it needs to do without any problems. The same can be said for what we eat & drink; Food can either be your best medicine or your worst poison. For your machine to run smooth you want to be eating good food. Every now & then though you might be stuck in the middle of nowhere & out of gas in which case it’s ok to chat to the Farmer.

A car has an incredibly intricate & complicated set of electrics running throughout it’s system so that it can deliver signals throughout which make it work. I can say that the human’s Central Nervous System is far more complicated than any machine’s will be at least for a few years yet although our nervous system is different from the machines in that we can physically upgrade it. When we perform a task over & over, being lifting a weight or playing a musical instrument, a physical adaption occurs whereby the cells of our nervous system become bigger & stronger, enabling the brain to transmit it’s signals faster & more efficiently. This is why practice makes perfect!

Then we’ve got the bodykit of the car or in the terms of the body, the muscular system. Again, here the body differs as muscle is a lot more functional than the aesthetic nature of most bodykits (unless you’re rocking a snow plough on the front of your motor!). Muscles have many more uses such as keeping our body & spine upright & pain free & supporting our backs, they give us the ability to perform crazy tasks like running, jumping & lifting as well as a more delicate task such as playing the violin. We also have the potential to upgrade our bodykit to feel & look good. I guess you could argue that a transformer’s bodykit is a bit like the muscular system than a car though…

Very important for your car is to service it regularly, take it for it’s MOT, give it care & generally look after it otherwise it will at some point break down on you. The same can be said of the body; regular massage, stretching & generally exercises is comparable to giving ourselves the MOT that we need on a quite regular basis. Also it is important to get your body checked out if you are getting unknown problems before you break down.

Perhaps the absolute most important aspect of the entire car is the driver of the car. Without the driver our car will not go anywhere or be able to do anything. Also if the driver does not look after themselves then there is a chance that that car may well crash & then the driver & the car will be in a whole world of trouble & might have to call the AA to get picked up. Our brain is the most important thing in our body & it needs to be cared for & given the right attention so that it remains happy & healthy & can carry on driving the car for a long time to come. Car driver & brain needs to make sure that they sleep well, de stress, treat themselves with kindness & stop driving the car every now & then to appreciate the view around them. They both need to take a break once in a while otherwise they’ll crash the car. After chilling out they can both come back good to go & carry on driving for many many years to come.

There are a whole load of things we can do to keep our Human Machine Happy, Healthy, Strong & active for years to come & I believe that it starts with the driver deciding what kind of car they want to drive. From there they can take the steps to upgrade the whole shebang until their looking at a brand new shiny Ferrari or who knows? You could be looking at that rocket to the moon.

Get out & active TODAY! Look after your car & it will look after you. It doesn’t have to be a lot, even something small like a walk around the park will help you begin the journey towards your dream motor.  🙂

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