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Obstacle Course Races & Rocksolid.

Obstacle course races have exploded across the world of fitness & are accessible to all people no matter what your fitness level. They are a fantastic goal to work towards while getting healthy & fit & most importantly having a lot of fun in the process! If you’re looking at a good challenge to work towards but find running a 10k or half marathon a little boring then OCRs may well be for you.

Participants in the Philadelphia Color Run that had finished the race gather to listen to a DJ and do "Color Drops" where they throw powered color into the air all at once. ( MICHAEL BRYANT / Staff Photographer )

What you can expect from an OCR:


Having a good time with friends & also complete strangers.

A supremely positive ethos & environment.




To run, jump, crawl & generally move, utilizing your body & the help of your friends to overcome the obstacles.

Mud, mud, glorious MUD!

To be placed in a situation well out of the ordinary scope of usual life.

To jump into ice baths.

To swim through rivers.

To carry your mates.

For your mates to carry you.

To abseil down cliffs.

Even in some to get a short sharp electric shock!

A fantastic opportunity to raise money for a cause that is important to you.

The list goes on! One of the many good things about the different courses is the amount of variety that you find from organizer to organizer. I raced in one called Man VS Mountain most recently, which involves running up Snowden & then navigating several water based obstacles ending in abseiling down a cliff face which was fun. Another good one is the Tough Mudder which has some great obstacles in it like having to form a human pyramid to overcome an obstacle & jumping from a platform into water several metres below as well as tunnel crawls, monkey bars, beam walks & gap jumps. Another I’ve participated in, the Bear Grylls survival race I’ve actually had to build a little fire & pick it up to burn some rope & also shot an air rifle as well as carry logs & ammo boxes which was pretty different & very fun.


One event that stands out the most for me was ToughMudder a couple of years ago whereby we put together a charity team. In the weeks leading up to the race I ran training sessions whereby we practiced helping eachother up & over walls, carry eachother, work on balance, monkey bars & lots of other teamwork skills needed for the race. It was great to see everyone’s individual progressions towards overcoming their challenges & the highlight was me & my friend Leo helping our friend Lola who’s biggest fear was heights to jump 10 metres into water below! She was thinking of bypassing the obstacle but found an immense amount of courage & conquered her fear of jumping in spectacular fashion. Afterwards she said how happy & proud of herself she was & the entire team, knowing how hard she found heights & how much it meant to her gave massive support & congratulations!

This year we are putting together another charity team to race in the Rocksolid event in Milton Keynes on the 29th of October to raise funds for The Gambian Maternity Foundation. Rocksolid appears to be a lot more obstacle heavy than other courses which means less running & more fun tackling them! The course is potentially 3 laps round with each lap totaling 5k. Some obstacles that you can expect are traversing high walls, plunging into water, balance beams, cargo nets, log hurdles, monkey bars & water slides! Tackled as a team these obstacles can easily be overcome! J

The Gambian Maternity Foundation are currently sourcing medical equipment to send to The Gambia in the new year to help ease the dire equipment shortage there. We currently have 17 people on our team & are looking for more! If you are looking for a challenge with good people while raising funds for a great cause then call me on 07971730269 or email on for more information of how you can get involved & join our team.

The site for Rocksolid can be found here:

If you would like to donate to our fundraising page you can find the link here:

More info about the GMF can be found here:




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