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Nutritious Bone Broth Recipe

As winter approaches in the UK & the weather takes a turn to the chill Mrs Claus has already started making reindeer bone broth for Santa’s epic trip round the world in December. Father Christmas knows that the broth is rich in minerals, keeps his gut healthy from all the booze & cookies, keeps him looking forever young & him stops him getting sick on his annual global gift spree!

Bone broth has soooo many benefits to it, great for the gut, has many great aminos & fats in it, good for recovery & also my skin, nails & hair quality got visibly got better after drinking it for a week due to the collagen contained in it. Bone broth will keep you looking young! I also had plantar fasciitis earlier in the year which didn’t budge for a while. Drinking bone broth for 3 days seriously brought down the pain in the foot. I guess it’s so nutritionally beneficial as you’re drinking the marrow which makes the good stuff that keep our bodies functioning. It’s also the connective tissue that our tendons & ligaments are made from in liquid form.

Other benefits include restoring your gut health by sealing the holes in the gut lining as it contains high levels of gelatin in it. This helps the intestines & can aid recovery from constipation, diarrhea & some food intolerances.

BB also can protect your joints as it contains high levels of glucosomine, helps you sleep due to the glycerine contained in it, bolsters the immune system to protect you from getting a cold, contains magnesium, phosphorous & calcium which help strengthen your bones, boosts your energy & is a great project to cook as well.

All in all it’s a super drink & well worth making if you’ve got any bones left over from a roast. My best results though have been from using pigs trotters or some big ass cow bones.

Ingredients :::

BIG slow cooker.

BONES!!! Different animal bones have different properties & different concentrations & proportions of amino acids. I’ve done cow bones, pigs feet & a leg of lamb left over from a roast. I went to a good organic butchers to get some pigs trotters as these are good & have lots of connective tissue. Had to preorder so phone ahead. I went to Turner & Georges in Islington & noticed they had some big cow bones they were throwing out so asked for them as well & they chucked them in for free. The marrow on these was HUGE & made a really tasty thick broth which was my favourite but it was a bit too meaty for Lara, my girlfriend. For a lighter broth go for pigs feet. The lamb was tasty but I don’t reckon as much of the good stuff dissolved into the broth as the joint wasn’t that big. I’ve not tried chicken or turkey yet but they work as well. Been advised though that best results are from pig & cow due to the amino acid profiles in the bones. Also the first time I did pig trotter I put 3 whole feet in which made it super think & collagen rich but probably a little too much (turns to jelly when you put it in the fridge) so I would recommend 2 trotters.

4.5 litres of bottled water (don’t like using tap water)
1/2 bottle of apple cider vinegar – acidic & helps to break down the bone tissue
Lots of lemon juice, again to help break the tissue down
Pack of celery
2 Onions
10 Tomatoes
Lots of sliced ginger
A whole big bulb of garlic, not chopped but skinned & crushed with the cloves intact.
Quite a lot of pink himalayan sea salt (4 heaped tablespoons)
A very liberal helping of coconut oil for extra nutritional benefit due to the fats contained.
Turmeric (liberal)
Black pepper to activate the turmeric (liberal)
Herbs to taste – I put in a variety of all kinds but rosemary is good.
White pepper to taste

DON’T – Put chilli’s in there, I did this the first time & quite liked it but it’s not good as I had fiery repeaters after drinking it.


Put all the ingredients into the slow cooker & leave it going for at least 24 hours. Be liberal with ingredients & season to taste. Cow bones you want to cook for 2-3 days while pigs trotter 1-2 days. I cook mine for 2 minimum. The more you cook the bones the more goodness comes out of them & the more concentrated the broth gets. Take the veggies out after a day or so to make space & refill with water to get a higher yield & cook for a second day. Either go for 3 days or call it time on 2.

It keeps for a long time but put aside some to freeze.
You can make a fantastic nutritious soup out of the veggies after the first day just by putting the tomatoes & onions in a bowl with some broth.
Add bone broth to veggies (or anything for that matter) to make a quick nutritious tasty soup.

Add bone broth to cous cous or quinoa for a quick tasty & nutritious meal.
This stuff gets messy & oily so don’t overfill the slow cooker.
Experiment! I love doing this as each one feels like a mini project. Tweak it everytime as you can make the taste vary quite a bit. Also add different ingredients to enhance the nutritional value of the broth & let me know what you add!

Let me know how you get on with this winter super drink! 🙂

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