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The Gymbia’s Top 10 Habits For Health Transformation

The Gymbia’s Top 10 Habits For Health Transformation.

By following these habits you can expect to feel better, lose weight, gain more energy & feel more vital.

When we prioritise our health we increase the quality of all other areas of our lives. Health correlates to wealth in the fact that you have more confidence & energy to do what you need to do. More energy = more time to do the things that we love – what would you do with that time? What do you love?

The six principles for total health.

If you make these 6 principles, all of which come into play somewhere in the 10 habits, a daily priority you will be on the road to a great place in no time at all.

  1. Nutrition – You are what you eat! Every single cell in your body is comprised of something you once ate!
  1. Movement – The bodies natural pumping mechanism – we need to move to stay alive.
  1. Breathing – Oxygen is the bodies No. 1. Nutrient, without it we get into trouble pretty quickly.


  1. Hydration – Water is the bodies second most important nutrient with every single bodily process relying on it in some way, shape or form.


  1. Thought Processes – Without the mind in a good place how can the body be in a good place? 
  1. Sleep – Make sure you’re catching those Zs to fully rest & restore the body!

Top 10 Habits For Health Transformation

Habit 1: 3L of water minimum per day.

Water intake is a huge factor when it comes to our health & vitality. We are approximately 65-75% made of water with blood being 92% water, bones being 22% water & muscles being 75% made of water. It is the vital ingredient that our systems need to function at their best & affects everything from brain & organ function to temperature regulation. Water is life & next to oxygen is the most important thing that we as human beings consume to thrive & grow.

The various benefits that water brings to our bodies;

  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Protects body organs & tissues.
  • Helps dissolve minerals & nutrients, making them more accessible for the body to absorb.
  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Carries nutrients & oxygen to cells.
  • Reduces burden on the kidneys & liver by flushing out waste.
  • Lubricates joints.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Regulates weight.


Try to avoid drinking tap water, it’s full of the bad stuff! Aluminum & lead to name just a few. I’ve just put one of these in & the water noticeably a lot nicer tasting:


To find more information about water & it’s numerous benefits check out my blog post here:


Habit 2: Bed for 10:30 & a solid 8 hours sleep.


You only get stronger when you rest! Training breaks down the muscle by causing micro tears, which must be repaired in our sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is a key element of health, not only linking to our repair & growth but also to keeping happy hormones! Hormones are our bodies chemical messengers which tells the different parts what to do & when.

Having upset hormones can cause us to hold onto & gain weight, cause excess stress & fatigue us along as causing a whole other load of undesirable effects such as a decreased sex drive, a halting of the menstrual cycle due to excess cortisol & can eventually lead to hormonal collapse & adrenal fatigue which can take a long time to come back from.

All of this & you’re knackered while it’s happening due to not getting enough sleep!

Way’s to optimize sleep;


  1. Make sure your room is as dark as possible – watch for any streetlamps coming through the window from outside. Artificial light gives out blue light which signals to the brain that the sun is still which inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
  2. Create a dimmed environment in the evening.
  3. No screens from phones, laptops or TVs just before bed. You can buy blue light blocking glasses to limit exposure to blue light.
  4. No caffeine after noon.
  5. Sleepmaster eye mask.
  6. Mind log


There are many more ways to improve your sleep after you’ve mastered the basics.



Habit 3: Nasal breathing as much as possible & breathing into the diaphragm.


Expanding the belly causes the diaphragm to lower, creating more space for air to flow into the lungs. If only breathing into the chest then we only use around two thirds of our lung capacity rather than 100%.  

Oxygen ages us through oxidization – the same process as food rotting or metal rusting. Think how many times you breathe a day & how much more efficient your breathing could become by utilizing 100% of your lung capacity. It would quite literally add years onto your life! It also has the huge benefit of reduces anxiety by altering our biochemistry through reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

Also air is free!


Habit 4: A big breakfast full of fats & proteins with oily fish.


The fats & proteins in the fish set the most favorable environment for hormone production throughout the day as the majority of our hormones are in fact made from fats. Also with our brains & nervous system being made of fat & water it is a very good idea to consume both of them for optimal health!

Fat in of itself does not make you fat! Anything if you eat enough of it will make you fat. Eating the right fats actually promotes the loss of fats. You can think of them having more nutritional bang for their buck which your body needs & rewards you for. Good fats such as avocado, salmon, eggs, nuts, seeds, oily fish to name a few.

For a longer list of good fats check out my blog post here:


Habit 5: Fasted Morning Cardio.

Commit to 10 mins of exercise to begin the day. Often by committing to just 10 mins we end up doing more which will burn through fat, release feel good hormones & set us up to win the morning. If you win the morning you can then go on to win the day.

Training before eating has a higher fat burning potential due to a reduction in blood sugar levels – the body has no glycogen (sugar converted by the liver) so it taps into it’s fat stores.

Take care to keep the intensity low – too intense without eating could have an adverse effect however feel free to get out of breath but maybe lay off anything that will leave you gasping for air.


Habit 6: Daily affirmations & visualizations.  

Affirmations are a set few phrases to say in the mirror a number of times every day. They help to train our subconscious mind & form new beliefs about ourselves.

Some examples are: “I am happy, healthy, fit & strong” – the body believes what the mind tells it. “Today is going to be an amazing day.” If we frame the day this way then it has every possibility to be so. It is not what happens to us in life, it is how we deal with it. “Sorry, I forgive you, Thankyou, I love you” is a good one, but tricky at first, give it a go.

Spend 5-10 mins visualizing the person you want to be, everything you want to do, be or have. This goes in well with the meditation.

For more information on retraining your subconscious & creating a strong mindset I’ve written a blog post here:


Habit 7: Plan!


Get into the habit of planning your time & routine to be sure that you have enough resources to be able to exercise, have time to sit down & eat as well as prepare the right foods for what you are trying to achieve.

It can be highly effective & useful to do a Sunday brain dump of all the tasks you need to get done in the following week. This gets everything down before the week begins. You can also break down the tasks into different days.

Sometimes when we have a lot on we can get overwhelmed. This is a handy tool for breaking down tasks, getting them on paper & creating a weekly plan.

Begin by putting down 3-5 of the big tasks you need to get done this week.

If you work 5 days a week then break down each one into 5 steps.

Commit to doing step 1. For each task on Monday, step 2. on Tuesday & so on. Now & then you will find that you get into flow & end up completing more than one of the tasks.

If you don’t manage all of the tasks because life happens (& it will!) then carry the task over to the next day or smash them out when you have the chance to take the load off of the rest of the week.


Big Tasks

  • Train 3 times this week
  • Follow the right nutrition
  • Get work project finished

Train 3x this week

  1. Plan what I’m going to do
  2. Pack gym kit
  3. Make sure I’ve allowed enough time
  4. Mentally prepare
  5. Get up early


  1. Grocery shop
  2. Food prep on Sunday
  3. Freeze foods
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Keep good food choices in the fridge at work 

Work project

  1. Plan meeting with team
  2. Prepare slideshow
  3. Get X done for Wednesday
  4. Get Y done for Thursday
  5. Get Z done for Friday

Everyday tasks

  • Send emails
  • File receipts
  • Feed the cat
  • Plan my day


All task 1s


All task 2s


& so on & so forth.


Remember – Fail to plan & you plan to fail!


Habit 8: Green drink.

Full of antioxidants & good stuff! Good post exercise due to the fast acting sugars which will replenish & restore the muscles.

A favorite of mine is:


Moringa powder

Coconut milk







Almond milk or water for consistency.

Serves 2-3.

I like this particular one as the coconut milk & avocado gives it a high fat content, which agrees with my system & gives me a lot of energy. The fats also will tie up the sugars from the kale, spinach, pineapple & banana meaning a slow release of sugar rather than a large spike, which will cause a stress response which will trigger an insulin release triggering low blood sugar triggering a craving for more sugar.

There are many more recipes for green drinks out there, just be sure that it’s freshly blended as 50% of the enzymes & nutrients fizzle out within 30 mins of blending. For this reason anything you buy in a bottle from the shop will have much less in it nutrient wise then you may guess, particularly if it has been pasteurized.


Habit 9: Cold showers working up to full cold immersion.

Living in this country our ancestors were adapted to the cold due to a lack of central heating & electric blankets. Cold adaption causes numerous physiological changes in the body, changing the structure of our fat cells & making them more resistant to the cold. Another adaption is that our body uses a different process to produce vitamin D rather than getting it from the sun. This is one of the reasons why as a country, as well as not getting enough sunlight in general, we are deficient in vitamin D, particularly in the winter when there is less sunlight.

We can get huge benefits apart from the ones above such as improved energy, sleep, cold resistance & it is also huge for weight loss.

Start with 30 secs & build up to 10 mins. Once you have reached 10 mins take it to the bath & eventually outside. You will notice a big difference in fat stores after just two 10 minute baths.

This is not easy but absolutely worth it, good luck!


  1. Mindfullness/Meditation Habit


Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what we need to do! Most of us live stressful lives, running around at 100 miles an hour causing our brains to fire at a similar rate. We can help bring this under control & reduce stress by being still & focusing on our breathing through the nose. You can actually change your bodies biochemistry just by doing this simple act – our thought processes directly affect the amount of stress hormones or cortisol released into the bloodstream.

Meditation has the power to subtly change difficult areas of life. It boosts mental clarity, concentration & focus & make us feel at peace & calm which balances out the stresses of our lives.

Experiments were done on Tibetan monks who meditate for most of their lives. Part of the experiments were to measure brain activity in a CT scanner while the monks meditated. What they saw astounded them – the monks prefrontal cortexes were lit up like beacons with brain activity & neurons firing! This area of the brain is responsible for things such as rational thinking, empathy & creativity. It has also been found that meditation can unlock more potential within your brain enabling us to process faster meaning that we can become smarter through it!

It can be very hard at first as the mind continually jumps in with thoughts & distractions, you may only get a few seconds before a thought comes in. This is normal & what everyone new to it experiences. The trick is not to get frustrated with the thoughts, just acknowledge them & come back to the sensation of breathing – imagine the oxygen going into your lungs then to every organ & extremity within your body oxygenating & feeding all of the cells & then coming all the way back out again.


BONUS HABIT::::: Mind log before bed 

This is a brain dump at the end of the day removing subliminal anxieties about what went wrong in the day & also helps remove the subliminal anxiety of not knowing what you’re going to do the next day which can help us sleep better. It also helps to have plan for the following day already in place even if it’s just wash the dishes, call Steve, Drink 3L of water etc.

The big one here is the gratitude list. Gratitude is the opposite state of worry, which helps us get off to sleep. When I look at everything i’m grateful for it always helps me feel a lot more positive & thankful. Stuff on the list can be big or small, no matter, you can even be grateful for a nice cup of tea you had earlier in the day.


What have I done well today & what went well?

Morning cardio

Followed nutrition

Got my to list done at work, POW!


What didn’t go so well or where did I fail?

Forgot to take the bins out

Put off that thing I should have done

Reacted badly to that situation


Was it conscious or unconscious?

Bins – Unconscious

Putting that thing off – Conscious

Reacted badly – Both


What could I do differently next time?

Set an alarm for the bins

Ask why am I putting that thing off? Do it first thing tomorrow morning

What about that situation is a problem for me? Could I reframe it to look at it differently? Can I not put myself in that situation in the first place?


To do list for tomorrow. (Helps underlying anxiety of not having a plan for tomorrow)

  • Do that thing I put off today
  • Call Steve
  • Finish report
  • Morning cardio
  • Green drink


Gratitude list – 5-20 things. (Gratitude is the opposite of worry)

  • My body
  • Cup of coffee this morning
  • My friends
  • That thing that went wrong but taught me a lesson


I hope you have enjoyed this documents & found the habits useful! I live by them daily among others & enjoy the many benefits they bring including more energy, better sleep, weight loss & fitness.  

***As a final note – do not try & integrate all of these habits at once! The subconscious mind rebels & we end up not doing any of them! It is much better to pick one habit per week to give yourself a fighting chance at integrating them all!***


 Hi, my name’s Jess.

I am a Holistic Lifestyle & Body Transformation Coach specialising in mindset development, strength & conditioning, health optimisation & corrective exercise for postural issues & pain.

In my prior career as a mechanical engineer of 10 years I gained a deep understanding of how systems function & cooperate with eachother as well as a good ability to find the solutions to problems, which has a direct carryover to my current profession.

 Within my work I look to discover the root cause of problems rather than treating symptoms to create happy, healthy, strong & functional bodies. 

I am currently studying in the field of Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology & have a deep passion for the human body & the mind that drives it.

I also run a charity called The Gambian Maternity Foundation whereby we ship medical equipment to the Gambia in aid of the mothers, children, doctors & nurses there.

The Gymbia is a fitness studio that I have built in Schwartz Wharf, Hackney Wick which supports the charity through sporting events & fundraising.

If Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Training or all out Body Transformation is something that you think might benefit or interest you then you can reach me on 07376124981


In health & fitness,

Jess Farmer

Holistic Lifestyle & Body Transformation Coach.



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