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5 Body Transformation Slots Available For 5 Motivated Women This August

Exclusively for 5 Women who are looking for a positive change, in & around HACKNEY WICK for an opportunity to be selected for one of 5 free transformation sessions worth £75.

We are offering to any women who are interested in becoming a stronger, more confident version of themselves one of 5 free body transformation sessions in the month of August.

Here’s a few of the things that you can expect from the session

1) Holistic support, advice & planning to help you work towards your health, fitness & wellbeing goals.

2) Provide a few simple lifestyle tweaks to improve energy & regulate weight.


3) Provide a training session revealing the 5 great foundational movements that will kick start your fitness regime

4) Design you a full bespoke training plan including how to use the 5 critical movements

5) Show you the one thing you can do to increase the chances to achieving your goals & results

6) Show you how to increase motivation which stops ordinary folks in their tracks

7) Share 3 techniques that are essential to achieve your body transformation & bring about the habit change needed to maintain them

After talking to my clients & many other women in depth about what they hope to achieve from a training program I found the same answers kept coming up again & again;

  1. Confidence & a better body image.
  2. To shape & tone.
  3. More energy.
  4. Better hormonal balance – especially around the time of the month.
  5. To feel alive & strong!
  6. Eat nice foods guilt free.
  7. To dance all night long
  8. To be able to deal with hangovers with grace!
  9. A nice bum
  10. More core strength particularly to help with back pain, boobs & to suck in a “pooch” belly.
  11. A couple mentioned about pregnancies, either for well preparing the body to take on a little one or recondition their bodies back fighting fit after the little one has come.
  12. Good posture

(of course, to lose weight came in there as well but EVERYONE wants to do that so haven’t included it, also – there is always an underlying reason why someone wants to lose weight, be it to prep for a holiday, wedding or just to feel good about themselves!)

The conclusion – a balanced program incorporating resistance training & cardiovascular training with balanced nutrition & the right mind frame will bring about all of the above desires!

What could you do feeling confident & empowered by your body image?

How could you benefit from optimized nutrition & a bespoke training plan?

What would you be able to bring into your life as a result of cultivating a stronger mindset?

We are offering to any women who are interested in becoming a stronger, more confident version of themselves one of 5 free body transformation sessions in the month of August.

To apply for one of the 5 transformation sessions apply below:

Here is a video of my current clients Lise pulling a massive 90kgs, a 40kg increase within 4 weeks of working with me instructing on perfect form!

Here’s what others have said about The Gymbia:

 Here is Lou after The Gymbia trained her for the London Triathlon this year (Which she SMASHED! 🙂 )

Training with Jess has, with out wanting to sound cheesy, been life changing for my fitness, health, figure, work/life balance, career goals and mental attitude. His level of knowledge and continual self education in fitness, excersise, nutrition, psychology and all the rest the goes with it is extensive and forward thinking. But his strongest attribute is he genuine pleasure in seeing you achieve your goals and his passion for helping you do so. This year im training for the London Triathlon, completely changing my business and well on the way to having the body I’ve wanted for a long time and i put a lot of that down my time with Jess.

– Louise

Cannot recommend this lovely gent highly enough! So intuitive, so focused and obviously loves what he does which shines through and makes sessions fun as well as super informative.

Jess totally sussed me out in the first hour and identified areas I needed to work on from a fitness and strength perspective as well as asking the right questions from other angles to make me understand exactly why some aches and pains were persisting and helping me understand that everything’s connected and sometimes you’ve got to step back and reassess what you’re doing in order to progress.

A refreshing, accessible, holistic approach – go see him!

– Philly

I was lucky enough to win 2 sessions in a competition and even if it was only a very brief introduction into methods to feel better and work out more efficiently it has benefited me hugely. Jess is extremely thorough and thinks of all the different factors that might be affecting your health and fitness, down to stress and breathing techniques. So even if we only spent a few hours together I’ve come out of it more focused, inspired and with plenty more knowledge of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.
I can’t recommend Jess enough for anyone who needs a bit of support in their exercise routine or who generally wants to feel healthier and stronger.

– Fredrika

“I’m over half way through a programme with Jess. He has developed a programme especially for me and has been willing to adapt to suit my needs, as he has got to know me better and worked out what’s best for me. Because we don’t always know what’s best for ourselves when we first meet a PT/body coach. I am seeing results in all areas of life: weight loss, muscle strength, I am more relaxed, my diet is making me feel great and I am a happier person because I know how to help myself. All since I have been making the positive changes in my life which Jess advised.

I cannot stress enough how much I have learnt about nutrition, exercise, holistic techniques and self care. I am feeling great! It does not feel like I have sacrificed anything but yet my life has been enhanced hugely by making positive changes. Be prepared to put in the work. Jess goes the extra mile. He understands how the body works and what is best for it. He knows about this stuff.

Jess is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. He does not judge and comes from a place of compassion and motivation. He’s a modern day mr motivator.

I have learnt some excellent techniques for exercising certain parts of body. I can ask him anything and he can help. I can run, sleep, eat, rest and I look better from my sessions with Jess.

Jess has eliminated certain stresses in my life such as advising wearing glasses to stave off electromagnetic waves from looking a screen all day and a sleep mask so that I can rest more easily. He has advised lots of reading material and is giving me the tools to help myself in all areas of my life.

He has considered my health carefully, as a whole, with deep care and knowledge. I put my trust in him 100% and I have no doubt he is helping thousands of others. I only wish I could clone him and so he could help more people. This man is a star.” –

– Victa

“Over the years I’ve tried a few different PT’s and I often felt they were just going through the motions. It was such a lovely surprise to meet Jess, who is such a genuine, warm hearted and all round good guy, with a passion for helping people achieve their goals that far surpasses anyone I’ve ever trained with, hands down. I came to Jess after a hiatus from exercise of about two years and my self- belief was pretty low. I suffered from back problems, recurring sciatica and struggled with depression and anxiety. Basically the full bag of ailments! Jess not only tailored the sessions around this, making sure that we targeted problem areas, whilst making the sessions fun?! This was a bit of a revelation to someone who had been pretty attached to my sofa for two years. Jess sends emails and texts full of interesting knowledge concerning the body and mind and I have learnt so much since training with him. He is endlessly patient yet he challenges me and seems to get the best out of me without shouting, but by encouraging me! Since training with Jess 6 months ago I’m really happy to report my back, sciatica, depression and anxiety have genuinely improved to the point where I’m signing up to to half marathons soon, something I never thought I would be saying! Jess helped me turn my eating habits around, but more importantly he has helped me change my mindset around exercise, helping me gain the self confidence to want it for myself and this has helped me challenge myself in many other areas of my life. I’ve changed careers, have much more energy, sorted my sciatica and back out and feel like life is pretty ok at the moment. Results a given! Cheers Jess.”

– Lara  

We make a donation to our sister charity, The Gambian Maternity Foundation with each package sold. The GMF sources used medical equipment from UK hospitals & exports it to The Gambia to aid the mothers, babies, doctors & nurses there.

Sign up today & begin planning your journey to a stronger & more confident future!


 Hi, my name’s Jess.

I am a Holistic Lifestyle & Body Transformation Coach specialising in mindset development, strength & conditioning, health optimisation & corrective exercise for postural issues & pain.

In my prior career as a mechanical engineer of 10 years I gained a deep understanding of how systems function & cooperate with eachother as well as a good ability to find the solutions to problems, which has a direct carryover to my current profession.

 Within my work I look to discover the root cause of problems rather than treating symptoms to create happy, healthy, strong & functional bodies. 

I am currently studying in the field of Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology & have a deep passion for the human body & the mind that drives it.

I also run a charity called The Gambian Maternity Foundation whereby we ship medical equipment to the Gambia in aid of the mothers, children, doctors & nurses there.

The Gymbia is a fitness studio that I have built in Schwartz Wharf, Hackney Wick which supports the charity through sporting events & fundraising.

If Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Training or all out Body Transformation is something that you think might benefit or interest you then you can reach me on 07376124981


In health & fitness,

Jess Farmer

Holistic Lifestyle & Body Transformation Coach.



The Gymbia


The Gambian Maternity Foundation

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