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The Gymbia’s Nutrition, Health & Fitness 2018 Kickstart Program

If you or your loved ones wanted to get off to the best possible start to 2018 what would that mean to you?

How about if we could get you to lose 10lbs by February?

Or if we get you to not suffer from any back or hip pain that we see a lot of people have trouble with?

Or reduce your stress levels to an all time low, getting you sleeping better with vastly improved energy levels?

If you think I’m about to sell you on the latest supplement, HIIT workout or quick fix health-in-a-box solution then I’m afraid you’d be completely wrong.

I’m Jess from The Gymbia & the way we do things is completely different to anything like that.

This kickstart program is the crucial process that all of our clients must complete in order to improve energy, lock down their nutrition & tune up the body before moving onto our, Happiness, Health & Strength Body Transformation programs & will make the perfect gift to either yourself or your loved ones to kickstart 2018 in the best way possible.

We do a deep dive into everything you may be struggling with to make sure we find the root cause of everything so you can kiss goodbye to it for good – be it stubborn weight, belly fat, back pain, lethargy, poor sleep or any other health & fitness challenge.

We are also able to identify any hidden postural deviations that may be impacting your aesthetics, performance or causing you pain that doctors or physios may not have picked up.

What is included in The Gymbia’s Kickstart program;

  • 1 60 minute nutrition & lifestyle session to set the compass for your weight loss journey (Worth £50)
  • 1 60 minute Primal Pattern nutrition follow up session a week later to refine your nutrition for improved energy & less hunger & cravings (Worth £50)
  • Or a 2 hour musculoskeletal assessment & corrective exercise plan for those in pain or with postural problems (Worth £150)
  • Lifestyle & nutrition analysis & plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals (Worth £25)
  • Our organ upregultation & gut healing nutrition program to energise the body (Worth £25)
  • An online core conditioning, stretch, postural correction & bodyweight exercise program to strengthen & align the body (Worth £50)
  • A Qi-gong program & video tutorial to relax & handle stress (Worth £25)
  • Our Core Conditioning video masterclass (Worth £25)
  • Our Weight Loss video masterclass (Worth £25)
  • Access to our online portal with full exercise library & programs so that you know exactly what to do & when (Worth £10 P/M)
  • Handy health item shopping list
  • The Gymbia’s top 10 habits for health transformation booklet
  • The Gymbia’s Nutrition in a Nutshell! Booklet

The combined value of all of these features is £285 but if you sign up before the December the 31st then you will get all of this for just £95 saving you a massive 66%




How does it work?

We gather all of the necessary information about your nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, circadian rhythms, stress, digestive system & metabolic type via an in depth questionaaire process in order to give you the vital tools you need to optimize your health & can reveal the individualized process to do so.

We then agree a realistic lifestyle & dietary plan with you & help you work towards it resulting in increased energy, less stress, better sleep, general wellbeing weight loss, weight regulation or weight gain depending on your specific goals.

Or if you are in pain or want to improve posture then you will want to take the biomechanical route; our assessment process will discover any postural deviations, spinal issues, core deficiencies & muscle imbalances in order to write your bespoke program to bolster you for the sports, work or life environment.

All exercise programs & video masterclasses are accessed through our online portal with over 2500 videos in it’s exercise library so that there is no danger of not knowing what to do in your program when you’re not with us.

A labour of love is much easier to manage than labour without love! Change takes energy & commitment, which is why it is very important to clarify your motive for change for it to act as your compass into a bright 2018. We help establish your golas in our comprehensive goalsetting tools to set you on the path towards your health & fitness dream for the new year.

Now this isn’t for everyone, whilst we’re running a deal that doesn’t mean that we’re doing it to get as many clients as possible, we only want to work with the right people. Who is the right type of person for us? Well if you’re dedicated, motivated & if you are someone who truly wants to;

  • Optimise their health for the new year
    • Manage & reduce stress
    • Lose, regulate or gain weight
    • Dramatically improve posture
    • Reduce pain
    • Build core strength
    • Set their compass in the right direction
    • Have a winning start to 2018

& not someone to say “Screw it, I’m going to binge through Christmas & pick it up as my new years resolution” then what we’re offering will be of interest to you.

If you could put a price on feeling great, having more energy, losing weight, strengthening your body, sorting out that pain & solidifying your goals for next year then £95 isn’t bad!


If this is something that will interest you then you can sign up either by following this link or dropping your name & details into the box below & we will give you a call back to arrange. 


PS. I know there is a lot of scepticism when it comes to fitness, training, lifestyle & nutrition so just to prove that we’re not mindless personal trainers who just make people eat kale & pound them on the treadmill for two hours here are a number of testimonials from the wonderful people that we have the pleasure of working with as clients:

Kathryn’s video testimonial:

The Gymbia is not your average Personal Training Experience.
When I approached Jess about helping me train to run 180 miles in 7 days, I had my reservations. Previous personal Trainers I’d worked with tended to either give me generic routines that did not respond to my specific requirements, or feel that the only way to motivate is to be aggressive and loud.
From the outset, the Gymbia totally broke away form these stereotypes. Their bespoke and personalised approach was a breath of fresh air and made our training sessions something I looked forward to each week (most of the time!)
The programme was totally custom built for my needs. Jess delved into every part of the run, the distances I would be covering, the type of terrain it would be, right down to the clothing and equipment I would be carrying. Each week new elements would be added and adapted to ensure that all the muscles and sling systems were being worked in a way representative of the type of stresses they would be under. Jess also regularly would come to me with some new ideas or thoughts for me about the run. In that way the Gymbia became more like a support team than personal trainers.
Having done quite a bit of running previously, The Gymbia helped me become far stronger and more rounded than ever before. But what really made the experience special was there holistic approach to training.
A full body and skeletal assessment, analysing my frame and structure to tailor the programme to areas I needed it the most, was complimented by a detailed nutrition programme, thinking about my food in the months up to, during and after the run.
The programme was realistic and fitted within my wider routine, and that meant that the targets we set seemed achievable, and therefore that what they became.
It is important for me to understand how what I am doing works, and how it is benefitting me. Jess’s extraordinary understanding of the science of the body meant this was easy.
But perhaps most extraordinary part of the experience for me was Jess’s commitment to balancing Mind and Body. He regularly challenged me to move out of my mind into the body. To understand how I was feeling and to learn how to respond when I felt low. So when I was doing those long training runs and started to think that I might have to stop, I begun to learn how to move beyond those negative thoughts and tune into my body in order to keep going.
I couldn’t have been better prepared for my challenge. The Gymbia prepared me physically and mentally in a way that I had never been previously on other challenges. It made the whole experience so much more fun than I ever thought it would be. After 7 days I honestly felt that I could have done it all again!
Thankyou Gymbia – cant wait to work with you again!
– Ben Powell – Adventurer

 Here is Lou after The Gymbia trained her for the London Triathlon this year (Which she SMASHED! 🙂 )

Training with Jess has, with out wanting to sound cheesy, been life changing for my fitness, health, figure, work/life balance, career goals and mental attitude. His level of knowledge and continual self education in fitness, excersise, nutrition, psychology and all the rest the goes with it is extensive and forward thinking. But his strongest attribute is he genuine pleasure in seeing you achieve your goals and his passion for helping you do so. This year im training for the London Triathlon, completely changing my business and well on the way to having the body I’ve wanted for a long time and i put a lot of that down my time with Jess.

– Louise

Jess came highly recommended to me by my friend who thought I would really love his holistic approach. I have been having a few specific aches and pains for a while & was really unsure what to do in terms of whether to do exercise/yoga etc, and what was going to help and not aggravate my problems. I was feeling a bit lost and needed some positive direction. Jess gave me a thorough consultation including testing all my muscle groups to find out which ones needed working on to help improve my strength & posture & therefore hopefully alleviate my pains. He explained everything in very easy terms & really seemed to make the workings of the body make sense to me. He wrote me a personalised exercise programme to do daily, and gave me a renewed positivity that this isn’t just “how my body is”, I have the ability to change it & improve how I feel, which is really empowering.

Although I don’t live in London and can’t go for regular sessions with Jess, he helped me enormously in just a couple of sessions. With my exercise programme all being online with videos of each exercise, I can easily follow it by myself & will check back in with my progress every couple of weeks.

If you are looking for a personal trainer with a more holistic approach who looks at and recognises the importance of the mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of your life as well as the physical, then I cannot recommend Jess highly enough. His enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and clear instructions & advice are second to none. I can already feel the benefits of the training, the future is bright, thankyou Jess! Xx

– Naomi

Cannot recommend this lovely gent highly enough! So intuitive, so focused and obviously loves what he does which shines through and makes sessions fun as well as super informative.

Jess totally sussed me out in the first hour and identified areas I needed to work on from a fitness and strength perspective as well as asking the right questions from other angles to make me understand exactly why some aches and pains were persisting and helping me understand that everything’s connected and sometimes you’ve got to step back and reassess what you’re doing in order to progress.

A refreshing, accessible, holistic approach – go see him!

– Philly

I was lucky enough to win 2 sessions in a competition and even if it was only a very brief introduction into methods to feel better and work out more efficiently it has benefited me hugely. Jess is extremely thorough and thinks of all the different factors that might be affecting your health and fitness, down to stress and breathing techniques. So even if we only spent a few hours together I’ve come out of it more focused, inspired and with plenty more knowledge of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.
I can’t recommend Jess enough for anyone who needs a bit of support in their exercise routine or who generally wants to feel healthier and stronger.

– Fredrika

“Training with Jess and his team was a total life-changing experience for me. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with exercise for years and had never done more weights than half-heartedly lifting a few dumbells. In no time at all Jess had me squatting and deadlifting almost my bodyweight, which was a revelation to me that I was capable of that! His amazing advice and heart-felt encouragement has completely turned around my attitude towards exercise, and his nutritional expertise has been a huge help as well. He has given me both the knowledge and confidence to achieve what I want to do, and not to be intimidated by the gym equipment or fellow gym-goers. Working with him has been life-changing, for which I can’t thank him enough.”

– Deborah

“I’m over half way through a programme with Jess. He has developed a programme especially for me and has been willing to adapt to suit my needs, as he has got to know me better and worked out what’s best for me. Because we don’t always know what’s best for ourselves when we first meet a PT/body coach. I am seeing results in all areas of life: weight loss, muscle strength, I am more relaxed, my diet is making me feel great and I am a happier person because I know how to help myself. All since I have been making the positive changes in my life which Jess advised.

I cannot stress enough how much I have learnt about nutrition, exercise, holistic techniques and self care. I am feeling great! It does not feel like I have sacrificed anything but yet my life has been enhanced hugely by making positive changes. Be prepared to put in the work. Jess goes the extra mile. He understands how the body works and what is best for it. He knows about this stuff.

Jess is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. He does not judge and comes from a place of compassion and motivation. He’s a modern day mr motivator.

I have learnt some excellent techniques for exercising certain parts of body. I can ask him anything and he can help. I can run, sleep, eat, rest and I look better from my sessions with Jess.

Jess has eliminated certain stresses in my life such as advising wearing glasses to stave off electromagnetic waves from looking a screen all day and a sleep mask so that I can rest more easily. He has advised lots of reading material and is giving me the tools to help myself in all areas of my life.

He has considered my health carefully, as a whole, with deep care and knowledge. I put my trust in him 100% and I have no doubt he is helping thousands of others. I only wish I could clone him and so he could help more people. This man is a star.” –

– Victa

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