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Jess Farmer is the founder of The Gymbia & it’s partnership charity, The Gambian Maternity Foundation. A mechanical engineer by trade, Jess fell so in love with coaching & motivating others that he decided to move into Personal Training & created The Gymbia;

I have a background in endurance training having completed the Ironman triathlon, cycled 3000 miles through Mexico & have run numerous Ultramarathons, my highest achievement being running 3 Ultramarathons in 8 days up & down 3 mountains surrounding Mexico city totalling 100 miles. Aside from endurance I have a wide breadth of knowledge spanning over many areas of health & fitness.

Before all of this though I was not in a great place; debilitating depression, anxieties & stresses meant that I had to take time off of work to recover. During this difficult time for me I found that exercise & training was absolutely integral to me getting better & moving towards the life that I wanted to lead. Through the goal orientated nature of training I was able to strengthen my body which in turn helped to strengthen my mind & I eventually succeeded in pulling myself out of the unhappy place I was in to complete the Ironman competition in Zurich, Switzerland in 2014.

My experiences have helped to shape my training methods, focusing not only on the body but also the mind, appreciating that they are one & the same thing. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy & strong & that when these 3 elements are in harmony we can go forward to live the lives we want to live free of pains & stresses.

My previous profession as a mechanical engineer has really helped me to understand how the body works & I find the way it comes together to form the near perfect human machine absolutely fascinating! You can liken the body to a car; You need to put the right fuel into it for it to run smooth or eat well in the case of the body, You can upgrade your engine to drive faster or train your heart & lungs to get fitter, you can also upgrade the body kit along with the electrics which will be your muscular & nervous systems. You need to give a car an MOT now & then & likewise we can maintain our bodies by stretching & massaging. Most importantly though you need to look after the driver of the car which means looking after your brain, getting enough rest & doing the things that contribute to your health & wellbeing.

The reason I got into personal training is to help others realise the potential that everyone has within themselves so that they can go forward to live happy, healthy & strong lives.