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Conscious Control


Conscious control is the result of my extensive studies in the field of emotional human behaviour change.

The techniques employed can potentially effect a dramatic shift in a clients perception of themselves. The coaching brings awareness to behaviours that don’t serve, rules, meanings & associations, sabotage & stories that have been often formed as a result of what happened to us in previous experiences.

A large part of the conscious control is to bring awareness to the programs in our mind that we unconsciously run in an effort to change them to a program that better serves our life. Awareness is the first step towards change!

Conscious control could be a very good option for you to choose if any of the following are a challenge for you:

  • Emotional eating
  • Sabotage
  • Anxiety
  • Low confidence & self esteem
  • Depression
  • Self depreciating talk
  • Have behaviours that you know don’t serve you but can’t stop doing them
  • Have the same story that plays out again & again
  • Don’t know why you do certain things
  • Destructive behaviours

Due to the nature of the work there is a certain session commitment that may go from 5 – 10 sessions depending on each individuals situation & needs.

Conscious Control works well as a standalone package or as a highly effective bolt on to one of the Strength Package options.